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  1. Spotted 1DDJ.333 in front of south ocean restaurant at 5.30..
  2. or maybe he was trying "thong skating" and his thong broke and he lost control D: at only 110 km/h p.s what a douche complaining that there is a manufacturing defect when he crashed at 110 km/h and came out unhurt..
  3. Sorry to hear about the crash.. at least ure ok :D There will always be ups and downs in life.. :) just be greatful ure alive n kicking! :D U managed to whip up a hell sexy aurion.. Im sure whatever u choose to purchase next will also be a sexy beast :D Cheer up!
  4. :P want to c mine! xD u didnt scratch my rims did u ken? hahaha nice pics
  5. Spotted sexy jayme on manning :P Jayme i was pointing out to u that there is an undercover popo in a boat ahead of us xD He followed me all the way from curtin into the small windy roads n then on manning ><
  6. :P frenly reminder.. double demerit! n saw a chick in silver stivo with rear lip.. hitting lift in 1st n 2nd on leach .. o hai! :D
  7. thats cos he`s the indo boss cheng!
  8. Still looks very hardcore cheng!! ;) ;)
  9. could it be kenny bozu? :P Could be Bruz!? As I was passin by there was somebody admirin the TOCA magnificence he`s got white rolla with black bonnet n white slim plates :P

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