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  1. i agree... we should get a meet going. should have a variety of cars now.... from corolla, aurion, caldina, gt86 and perhaps some hilux??? :P
  2. i know you can get yellowed for having a sports seat that hasnt been verified by " authorised car engineer". I bought a legit bride and rail comes with it to fit the zze122 corolla. when the engineer checked it out for mine, he can find the ADR ( australian design rules) number etc. and it checked out fine. but i hope the replicas dont give too much trouble...
  3. there are alot of things you need to worry about. i had about 105mm clearence on my car before. cops didnt have tape measure on them. but as soon as they saw the coilover, they gave me a yellow for that. aperently you need to have engineering cert to have the coilover.... basically cops can give you yellow sticker for anything... so your best bet is to keep good clearence to reduce the amount of attention from the boys in the blue....
  4. few of my mates been using DGR. they can be grabbed from TandR autostyling. worth around $800 i think. not bad for street use & pretty good for handling. not sure if you looking for track use tho...
  5. Hi Guys, i have been cleaning out my garage last week. for now here are the stuff i have for sale. . -1 set of Enkei RPF1 wheels. Silver colour . 16x8.0. 4x100. condition of this wheels are literally 99.5%. This was on the car for 3 months. no gutter rash, no scratches etc. only dust. No tyres on this set, only wheels. see pictures. I will sell this $990 ONO - 1 set of Advan RG 2 ( rep) wheels and tyres. dark grey colour. 17x7.0. 4x100. conditon of the wheels is superb. a few chips and marks but nothing major. this set has 4 brand new tyres. 2x Toyo proxess 4 205x 40xr17 ( this was put on ab
  6. ill be down! :) haikal: would love to see other rolla owners too from the forum! :) toyotafreak: yeah mate, be good to be able to catch up :)
  7. 3-5kw atw when combining with cat back thanks ben... im gnna have to poison Bumbuddy ( wa zre 152 guy) to get headers as he got catback on his car :P
  8. welcome to the club... greethings from perthians! :)
  9. hi mate... just wondering what kind of performance increase do you get form the headers? ta
  10. Hi guys up for sale is a power fc standalone ecu unit for a 1zz engine. the tune inside the power fc at the moment was for a supercharged corolla. so you might need to do a lil refine tuning on it. Nb: this power fc is for manual cars only. will not work on automatic cars, as the stock ecu normally does all the gear shifting for the auto. Price: $700 ONO will consider posting interstate any question etc plz pm me :) thanks Jeff
  11. hahaha awesome... new advertising stuff... not boring... :P
  12. i swear we need to have these kind of activities in WA lol

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