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is this carputer any...?


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hey all,

im looking into carputer's and i have been looking on ebay as i have no idea where else to get one.

so my question is... is this carputer any good ?? (i do release that it doesnt come with ram or a hard drive) but for the price.


your input would be very nice

thanks heaps


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on my carputer... i just got a normal desktop computer for $100 off a friend... n i bought a 500Wpower inverter from jaycar and a 7" touchscreen also from jaycar n i just hooked it up.... done some modification to move the on/off switch and the 2 ledz and 2 usbs up front.... worth it i say

and i know u might as well get a 12v powersupply or wateva... BUT u'd have to get it from the net or sumthing n i dont trust the net... ie: no warranty... jaycar gives u warranty... and would give u a discount if u buy lots of stuff.... i ended up getting around $200-$300 off

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i actually took it out... i'm re-doing the box, and the screen wasn't mounted properly so i'm hacking the dash and fiberglassing, also welding special rods and locks to the screen so even if they hack through the FG they can't steal the screen unless they got an angle grinder lol... the problem is it's taking WAY too long coz i'm busy with work n stuff, but i'm gonna finish work this week so i should be free enough to finish it... hopefully i'll get to show it off at a meet or sumthin :toast:

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hey hey.

if you do get that carputer, i'll help ya put it in.

and yes, its pretty good for the price. just bare in mind to get a good touch screen for a good dealer as there are some dodgy ones out there.

and if you get it soon (like 1-2 mths) we can do mine and yours at the same time as my carputer is almost here. just need the $$ for the 9.2" screen in putting in. also, be prepared to spend a few more $$ install bits like power filters and wot not.

good luck

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