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carputer question (s)..


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ok theres not much in this forum in the way of question about carputer's but i have a few on my mind atm,

1. when u get in the car turn it on does the carputer turn on automatically?? or do u hit a switch ??

2. how long does it take to boot up ??

3. when i get my carputer can i run the sound through my deck?? so like connect it to the "AUX" ??

thats it for the moment but im sure i will think of more lol, im just doing my homework before i start spending money =]

thanks heaps

Aiden :)

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1. it depends on wich carpc... with mine coz i got a normal desktop i moved the on/off switch upfront so i can switch it on/off weneva i want

2. my comp takes around 30sec but it depends on the comp

3. does your deck have an aux function?? if so then connect the comp to the deck instead of havin it the otha way round... if not (like mine) then just set up a switch to switch the amp's input from the deck to the carpc

and yess do some homework... good on u son and goodluck

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cool thanks for that info, i think im just going to use a normal desktop pc cause i have all the parts just have to make a case. and get a good car power supply but i will let u no how i go lol.

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