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My 94 Tarago stopping randomly

Tarago Man

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Hu Guys,

I have a problem and I hope you guys can help out, because the local machanics here dont have a clue.

I bought my Tarago 3 weeks ago, and the previous owner didnt really take care of it that well. When I serviced the van, the fuel filter was clogged and the engine needed a good clean.

The problem I have is that every now and then (an average every 30 minuntes) the van chokes up, shake a little and turns off. All other times, the van drives perfectly; no shaking, no issues. It starts first time every time, and drive solidly.

There have been some common factors when the van has stopped:

1. The van was stopped or slowing when it stopped, either stopped at a red light, or te van was slowing to turn a corner

2. The van would have been driving well for 30 mins before it stops

3. The van was not over heating, it was just below the halfway line

4. The van had a half a tank of petrol

5. The van was usually driving on a down wards slope just before it stps

6. When the van stops at night and the head lights are on, it takes longer to turn back on

7. If the head lights are not on, the van turns back on straight away, first and drive perfectly for another 30mins

When the van stops, its chokes up, shakes for a bit and then stops. It takes about 2-3 seconds for the car to start changing and for it to tunn off.

It almost feels like the petrol is not getting to the engine.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is this a common problem for Tarago's?

Any help would be great.

Tarago Man.

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i would suggest unblocking the fuel tank breather for a start.

further suggestions would be check all flexible hoses on the engine for cracks and splits....if you find any replace them. also check your fuel pump and make sure its getting power....no fuel pump...no fuel.


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