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Hi ..Bought my Black Cruiser 200 new (5.7v8) as a Jap import and it has

many fruit. Trouble is my manual is in Kanji and i can only

guess a lot of things.


1. How do i now if i have kdss stability option fitted.

Is it the (car on top of two z's) icon light that can be switched on off?

and is KDSS , TRC VSC , PCS ALL part of that icon / option

AND if so should i be using it on a windy sealed road ??

2. If any one has a scan or pdf of the manual

could they let me know.

3. Anyone know of any websites of aftermarket options bodykits etc for these?

4. the way (funnily) my dvd can work while the car is rolling but the nav sat/tv

cannot work for obvious reasons. (Of course we dont use dvd whilst driving !)

Thanks Kebo

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Geeeezzzzzuzzzzzz... good luck to ya, Toyota dealerships will probably tell you to nick off if you go asking questions there! Don't blame 'em!

KDSS is a mechanical system, not electronic. It can't be turned off, and there's no lights on the dash for it.

There's plenty of info about KDSS on the net, how to identify it and how it works. Have a look at lc200.com.au and learn. You can learn about other stuff on there as well...

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