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First impressions aka Gee that new car smell didn't last long


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Yesterday this came straight from the pre-delivery detail. Today it has 250km on the clock, and I've done some neighbours "driveways", the rounds of the kids hockey, tomorrow ponyclub. I think it's still cleaner inside... :huh:

Gee it was nice to have had a new car :rolleyes:

My first impressions of the Kluger are mostly all good, but why doesn't it have a 6-speed auto? The gap from 4th to 3rd seems huge when you're on cruise and in hilly country. I also find the vol and audio control button extremely hard to turn (must be my fat fingers :lol: ). Last gripes are the size of the A-pillars (huuuge) and I don't like having to manually select which phone is paired with the Bluetooth.

BUT I love the engine, leather seats (heaters are bliss on a 5degree topping day), climate control, flawless Bluetooth conversations, interior quality, seating flexibility, dual opening rear hatch, inside space (seems bigger than my mates Prado), reverse camera, handling, inherent safety, the quietness and I'm sure there will be more as the days come...



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Good to see you finally got yours mate :D

LOL it looks totally raped now, with all that mud everywhere :lol: :P

Nice color, looks sweet :clap:

p.s. I got the front mud flaps for mine, maybe you should get a set fitted?

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Very happy with it so far, it got a bit of use of the weekend as you'd expect.

and I'd ordered a set of front mudflaps when I picked it up as I could see them being needed in the not too distant future, hopefully that's all I've overlooked!! <_<


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Our Glacier KX-S AWD has been with us just 10 days. It caused marital problems from the very first afternoon! She who must be obeyed came back from driving it and proclaimed, "I feel like I have died and gone to heaven!!"

She has not said that to me for 39 years. This "hunk" made of metal and plastic has usurped my place in her universe. I immediately thought of taking up viagra or perhaps some of those enhancement emails that slip through or even counselling.

I emailed our 5 daughters seeking their sympathy and advice. It was suggested that I "key" it or sell it quickly on ebay for $30. One advised that it is probably just infatuation and will evaporate over time. Well, it has been ten days and she is still starry eyed. I'll have to cope somehow.

What may you ask are over 60's doing with a seven seater SUV. We don't plan to populate it with further offspring (but we hope our children do). We have been there and done that, moving from a beetle to a HQ sedan to a wagon to a Nissan E20 to a Starwagon to a Tarago and back to wagons and sedans.

What we were looking for was a vehicle which was easy for us geriatrics to get into and out of and which was a pleasure to sit in and drive. During a short holiday in Port Macquarie we visited the car yards and mother chose the Kluger. End of story.

She is happy. I am happy for all the sorts of reason you guys have written about.

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Welcome OldGeezer, very funny first post - good to see you still have a sense of humour for someone "over 60's" :clap: I hope I can maintain mine!

Maybe if you find yourself some of that "new car smell" aftershave your wife will forgo the hunk of metal & plastic :spiteful:

Hope to see more of you in the Kluger section - keep enjoying that new car


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I picked the Aurion up today Andrew, didnt get it as dirty as you though!

You had the (huge) edge over me with the XT, but I think I may be in front now....until you get the supercharger strapped on that is.

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Your Aurion looks very nice mate - yeah you can have traffic light honours for a couple of years :lol:

The mud got too much for me on a brand-new car and I had to wash most of it off today. I'd say it will all be back on by the end of the week though :rolleyes:

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Congrats, Nice work mate I'm glad your happy you made the right choice with out any biased opinions :rolleyes: ........I still drive an XT :D .

Yep I agree a six speed would have been nice but we say that in forester world too, also the Volume control is on the wrong side when compared to the XT as well.

Apart from that hows that engine sound on full tilt? :D Nice!!

So rear sway bar mod first...group buy ;) :huh:

And hello and Welcome to the Old Guy!! :)

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haha I have already emailed our friends at Whiteline about swaybars, but there's nothing available :rolleyes:

I will enjoy it as it is for as long as possible...

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I have found the 5 speed to be quite good, i think at 110- it was revving at 2000rpm. This is acceptable as if it was any lower, any sort of hill would prevoke a gear change. I think my barina is terrible even at 100ks, its revving at a manic 3000rpm, just like a WRX!

The kluger does like 80kms for fuel economy though it seems. Its the sweet spot and probably good there for towing as well.

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