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TRD Short Shifter hint


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I have had my TRD quick shifter installed for a while now.

Initially when it was installed it felt nice, but a little noisey as the orignal rubber bushes which are used to bolt through the cradle are removed for brass fittings with the cradle bolsing straight onto the tunnel.

I found that if you cut top the rubber bushes off with a stanley knife and place the new rubber rings underneath the cradle and then the brass bush ontop with the bolt going through the brass and rubber. That it makes the changing quieter without loosing any of the stiffness in the cradle, and retaining the nice firm feel. B)

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Also and aswell as, due to the rubber washer that you have installed you can tighten the cradle a bit more. I have used a 39Nm torque setting on the bolts and all is good.

Use this tension setting at your own risk

I will not be blamed for cracking the cradle or any damage incured due to over tightening or NOT using a torque wrench.

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