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Subwoofer Enclosure


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Im creating a inverted sealed subwoofer enclosure, its 15"x15"x9". I was wonder, is it true that it is a bad idea (dont know why) to have a enclosure that is square (15"x15"). I know afair bit about creating an enclosure (volume, dampening materials, materials used to make box, sealing etc.) but i heard that creating a square enclosure is a bad idea off a friend and just wanna double check before i proceed on creating this box.

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if you go to any decent car audio dealer you would find the majority of sub boxes are either rectangle or some irregular box shape. i doubt that the manufacturers avoid square shapes coz it has anything to do with sound quality, but has more to do with saving precious boot space.

as long as you have enough space inside the box, regardless of the shape, your sub should be ok. moulded sub boxes look a lot better though (in my opinion). saves a lot more space and looks more like its supposed to be in there.

inverted - that means your sub will be screwed in with the magnet exposed?


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Yea, the only upside to inverted is a smaller box, not really much smaller. I plan to make the box then a "skirt" or fibreglass mould over the top, this way i can still access my spare tyre and have a precise volume reccommended for the woofer. Thanks for the replay, much appreciated.

Oh one more question, with the dampening material, is it better to have it empty, fibre glass by itself, fibreglass with a pillow's insides over it or just a pillow's insides by itself if i already have the correct volume inside.

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yo spl, that box is ported yea? i dont see an inner wall separating the 2 subs.. my guess is that if you dont have 2 working subs in this particular box, its not going to sound too good. if the insides were divided into 2 chambers so that it was basically 2 boxes (joint together), you wouldnt have any issues with just 1 sub... but it doesnt sound right to have a single sub fitted to a box with enough space inside to accomodate for 2 subs.

ps - forgive me if im repeating myself.. its 135am

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