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clutch advice on sportivo please

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This may sound a bit odd...

My TSport has 63'000 miles on it, I have no proof of any clutch replacement being done and given the subaru clutch has just give in and is costing a small fortune to replace I am overly paranoid about the TS clutch...

here is why...

1st gear and VERY occasioanlly 2nd gear it seems as if the clutch is slipping yet if I drop the clutch and reengage it is fine, I have tried testing it in every gear holding it at about 3000rpm and flooring it and it doesnt slip at all.

It doesn't slip as LIFT engages either which is where I would have imagined it was most likely to if it was!

This leads me to suspect that maybe the clutch pedal needs adjusting? It has always felt different but comparing it to the subaru is like chalk and cheese.

Does anyone know if there is any adjustment or even lubrication points on the clutch/clutch arm/pedal as I cant help but feel its simply sticking somewhere along the line...

Other theory, could this simply be traction control butting in? how does TRC work? I now you guys don't get it but maybe you still know how it works?

Need to establish if its something that may be an issue in the near future or not as I am installing the nitrous kit on thursday!

As always, many thanks in advance!

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