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TF109 + Formula 1


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Instead of inviting the team's sponsors and media Toyota Racing will present its 2009 contender, the TF109, with an exclusive world premiere on Thursday around noon. At 12.00 CET fans from all over the world will be the first to see the team's new car with an exclusive screening on www.tf109-premiere.com

In the past, pre-season events showcased a new car in front of the world's media but Panasonic Toyota Racing is moving with the times, embracing the need to be cost conscious while being increasingly open to Formula 1's millions of fans.

Panasonic Toyota Racing President John Howett commented on the team's special way of launching its new car: "The environment in Formula 1 has changed and continues to change. Panasonic Toyota Racing is committed to reducing the cost of Formula 1 while retaining its essential DNA but we are also constantly evolving in other ways, and one of our priorities is to share our passion for motorsport with the public.

"Formula 1 enjoys the loyal and enthusiastic support of millions of people throughout the world and we cannot forget that these fans are the lifeblood of our sport. This year we feel it is important to allow fans to share the excitement of a new car premiere, especially when the new rules for 2009 have created such a sense of anticipation.

"This is a significant time for our sport and I firmly believe they will see a strong and vibrant Formula 1 emerge this season, starting with the premiere of the TF109 on www.tf109-premiere.com."

I think its safe to say that none of us here will ever be invited to attend a F1 car premiere, so this is our best chance :P plus its Toyota so you just gotta :D


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For the people that missed it or couldn't get a connection.

Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load!

Considering the rule changes, I think its looks pretty good B)

Then again it will most likely look totally different once its on the grid at Melbourne.

More videos on the site too.

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Does look good and cant wait for season to start.. Was it Williams that had that walrus nose a couple of years ago?

Wasnt too keen on it but i like Toyotas one.... Bring it on :clap:

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I never liked the dorsal fin,rolling billboard. :o

Toyota looking like walrus too now,looks different to the 1st design i think.. We'll see who benefits with these new packages,

what benefits and if there are any benefits.Havent heard yet and missed qualifying last night..

Looking forward to this one, 9.00pm tonight one HD and replay Wed 7.30pm if anyone interested..

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