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What petrol does this bowser pump

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I went into a petrol station I don't normally use today (forgot to refuel at the usual) and noticed that the bowsers no longer have a sign at the top to say which fuel they pump (ie. ULP, Diesel, LPG, E10 etc) I remember years ago they used to have some kind of sign at the top so you knew which ones to go to rather than pull up and realise your at the one that only pumps standard ULP and Diesel when you want PULP 98 (which is what happened today)

Does anyone know when this changed or do some petrol stations still do this?

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I haven't come across any one that is not labelled. That is an odd case you have there. As Mick said, some have it on the actual pump handle itself or have a specific colour with a guide on the bowser.

Stick with the same fuel and it makes it easy. All I need to remember is the dark blue pump at BP and I'm set.

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