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help figuring out an issue that is hard to find

Dj Watt

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Hey all,

I need some help on trying to find out the issue on my ae92 rolla.

here is what is happening.

when i start to apply breaking power i start to get a nocking noise from my left hand front wheel only. but it only happens when i am breaking and in a certain part of the wheel roatating(if that makes sence) and i can feel the noise through the pedal.

But its not the bearings because i had replaced them after they collapsed. its not the control arms coz i have replaced them both. i need to replace the power steering rack but that is gonna get done in acouple of days. the hub has been machined to get the new bearing put on because it was warn.

when i lifted the car up to see if there was play. i found that there is play from side to side but nuthing up and down.

anyone know what is happening??

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If u are getting movement in your wheel side to side ( 9-3 o'clock ) there is movement somewhere.. Is it on both wheels?? If u replaced rack and tie rod ends, check for excess movement in your steering colum where it hooks up to your pinion in th rack..

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okay time to throw another spanner in the works.

I was driving to my mates place on the high way and found that anything over 80 or just sitting on 80 the steering wheel shakes and that leads to vibrating the car.

seeing how i was scared ****less of it i took the long and slow way home.

i think that the hub maybe bent or that the studs maybe bent or what but yer.

now my mate has only just told me that when he borrowed my car for a day he had hit a brick on the road and had bent the stock steel wheel. now i dunno if this would have done anything but i was not happy.

any ideas?

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if he hit a brick prob buckled the rim, that info would have been handy yesterdai... put the spare wheel on the effected wheel and go for a drive, or jack the car up and spin the wheel, see if its buckled... take it to a tyre shop and get them to balance it and check it...

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