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Hi, ever tried to cut a plastic or metal pipe or rod square with simple tools, or wandered how to remove paint from plastic, as most normal methods are likely to damage the plastic or detail on it? Well a simple way to get a square line on a pipe or rod, is to get a sheet of paper that will wrap around the pipe and overlap itself, line up the edges and you have a perfectly square marker. Mark with chalk or if rest is waste spray with left over spray can of paint or what ever and bingo you've got a square line to work from. Getting paint off plastic = unfortunately thinners etc will damage the surface of most plastics so cant be used, however brake fluid comes in plastic containers and is harmless with most plastics, certainly with all I've used but be careful try an edge if unsure and don't use on natural rubber. Soak the item in brake fluid, I usually leave it over night, brush off any stubborn stuff with an old toothbrush, wash with methylated spirits and follow up with a good wash in detergent and water. Another great idea (not for cars ,maybe a Double Decker bus!!!) If staining or painting stairs that are in constant use try painting each second step and use the alternative ones. When dry paint the others and use the dry ones. OOPS who used the wrong step?

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