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Engine Pinging noise

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Hello, I have Corolla 99 and I've noticed a pinging noise comming from the engine. I think this happend because i was driving fast (170km/h at 4000rpms 5th speed) on the highway with low oil... that's when the noise started. I filled up oil and the noise went away a little bit. Now everytime i start my car, the noise isnt really there, its very minor. The noise comes back after i drive on the highway at 110km/h... As soon as i get off the highway i clearly hear the pinging noise again. I've read something about trying to use Rislone engine treatment for the noise... is this a good idea? could it damage the engine even more?

What should i do other than that? Does anybody know what this is exactly?

any suggestions will be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot


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It's a 99 Corolla so out of warranty. The 'pinging' noise is not likely to be true pinging or detonation - which occurs with high engine load, advanced timing or poor octane fuel, as it occured when your oil pressure was probably low. It could be symptomatic of engine damage (e.g. bearings).

I'd get it checked immediately.

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