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  1. Check your brake pads too, may be getting low and in need of replacement...
  2. Major services on Corolla's are every 40,000kms... This includes: Oil and Filter Air Filter Brake Fluid Coolant (some models) Spark Plugs (non iridium type) Then it's the same again at 80,000kms with the addition of the Fuel Filter Sportivo Corolla runs iridium plugs so they are changed at 100,000kms, not every 40... Hope that is what you were after :)
  3. Sorry guys, will be at the drifting and sound off happening at Eastern Creek that night... Maybe next time :)
  4. Can't see the pics but I'm guessing it's 3M's new wraps, can prolly check it out more on their website :)
  5. Got someone to fix it up and paint it??? If not I've got a few in mind :)
  6. Exactly right but I modify my cars the way I like to, legal or not and run the risk of being caught... I know the consequences and I'm prepared to take the fall... I will engineer the cars one day, but not till I've finished them...
  7. If the brake fluid level is full, then shake the reservoir around and slap its sides to try and shake the sensor inside it... Happens a lot, the sensor gets sticky and doesn't come up to the top of the fluid level...
  8. Suzuki Swift (first car on L's) 3 x SX Corolla's came next... 1999 Corolla Levin - Current Show Car / Cruiser 6 x SX Corolla's came after that... 2002 Prado - Tow Vehicle, Now sold 6 x SX Corolla's came after that... 2005 Corolla Sportivo - Current Daily Driver / Cruiser 2 x SX Corolla's just for good measure lol... Think you can all see a distinct pattern thats happening here, guess whats next :)
  9. I leave my cars off the road for a week to protect the workshop clearing the defects, so I can say that in that 1 week time I've re-done all the mods to the car if I get pulled over again... If you get pulled over driving on the way home from getting them cleared and they're all still on the car, the workshop and person clearing them will be in big s**t and also most likely have to drag the process through court (currently happening with a friend)... I'm lucky enough to have two cars on the road and another in the build so I can afford to have one sitting at home and drive another...
  10. A $35 inspection will be pink slip only so you've got nothing to worry about... Find someone you know, friend of a friend, who ever to pass your inspection, leave the car off the road for a week and you're done... Defects come pretty often with my cars, really need to get them engineered but waiting till I finish everything I want to do first...
  11. We've had about 5 or 6 tarago's with the same deal... One owner never got serviced, came in with 60k and complained about blowing smoke, new engine fitted... Came back a few years later blowing smoke, retard did the same thing again, new engine fitted... Havn't seen the car for a while so who knows, I guess some morons never learn...
  12. hey man

    I got a set of 16" lexus alloy wheels and tyres, they came off IS250. Tyres still have 90% left, Asking for $500. if you are instersted and would like to have pictures, please send your email address to me. i will email you the pictures. many thx

  13. Probably not... Note down the part number off the towbar itself and check with Toyota to see what it fits...

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