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Rim Scratchs


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Hey boyz anyone i was wondering if scratchs on rims be fixed or patched up? my sister drove my cars and yes ive got a few. I want to patched them of fix them.. anyone knows or have any ideas????? :blink:

thanks appreciate ur replies.

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I believe scratches on rims can be fixed. Although I do not believe it will look as good as new. You can also get rims re-chromed. I'm not sure how much it would cost to get scratches removed, but I did have a dented rim, and I was Tempe Tyres, they did say they can repair them. So I do not see why they can't fix scratches.

Ask around at a few tyre places, I'm fairly certain they would. But it may cost more than it's worth to fix (depending on how much you paid for them in the first place).

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Right now im using 17 racing Rims Copper Bronze colours and miss sister scratched it against the curb....i was spewing.....i didnt spend 1600 to get them scratched....thats the most ive spent on my car.....damnz im so depressed when i look at those scratches.....fk fk fk

I need to get rid of them....

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it can be fixed.....

bring it down to those places where they sell 2nd hand tyres and wheels, they will fix it up for you at per rim close to $50....

if you are dead free, then sand and putty then air brush it over.... but don't make a big mess out of it... :D

hope that helps!!

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Most tyres/rims shops should be able to fix this up but heard it can cost up too $100 to repair for each rim!!

I've spent $2700 for my rims and my old man scratched it against the curb too :(

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