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Car respray

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Hey Guys,

I have a project car on my hands at the moment. It's a 1997 Honda Civic GLi that's done 257,000KMs. I got it for a few hundred since it has an electrical issue and won't start (faulty ignition barrel). Anyway, there's a dent on the A-pillar... about an inch deep and 15cm long. There's bits of plaster (if you call it that), patched on the bonnet and two front fenders as well. Missing two doors on the drivers side cause the old owner took them for his other good civic. So basically I need two doors (won't find the same colour unfortunately), so how much will it cost me approximately to respray those two doors? Say I wanted to respray the whole car... how much would that cost?

I'm trying to work out if I should just buy a nice working Civic hatch of the same era for $3100 or get this sedan running again?

Any opinion would be cool.

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I rather get another car, in my case because I don't have time and space to do it, even than if I did it I would put more money to it which might later cost more than it worth. Plus I don't look like the type of person keen on fixing it, What most people do is fix it and give it a good clean to it and sell it. You could do that if you want. At the end is your money and spare time.

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