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How to Remove Door Trims


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Toyota Corolla ZZE12X Door Trim Removal

Tools Required:

-Phillips Head Screwdriver

-Flat Head Screwdriver

-Electrical Tape ( Optional to wrap around the end of the flat headed screw driver to prevent damaging your electric window switch housing )

-Window Winder Removal Tool ( If you have manual windows )

First and foremost if your unsure about doing this please buy a 6 pack of beer or similar as it really helps to get the job done , the next time you complete it you may be able to do it in "4.5 beers" rather than "5.8" and so on!

This should take about 3-5 minutes a door once your boss.

Diagram showing where and what needs to be done in order to remove the trim:

The GREEN arrows indicate the areas that are able to be remove by hand :

- The tweeter housing or cover is removable by first gently pressing it upwards and then pulling it very gently out of it's mount thats held in by a plastic expander cap.

- The door handle has a noticeable cap that covers a screw that is easily flipped out where the little gap sits , if this is unable to be done by hand take care with a tapped off flat blade screw driver and pry it out.

- The last is the inner arm rest / handle that is clipped in , this needs to be gently lifted and released but don't bend it to pull it out make sure the clips are releasing as otherwise you will brake something and have loose interior trim.


BLUE Arrows indicate the location of the 3 hidden screws , get a sandwich bag and store them inside so you don't loose anything!


The RED Arrows show the location of the plastic expander clips that hold the trim on that are very very easily popped out. Use your hands for this and start from one of the bottom corners using both hands to carefully release the clips as they are easily broken or snapped off the trim if your not carefull.


Now to remove the Power window switch you will need to release it from the arm rest side of the housing or the back by using your hands/fingers or using a electrical tape wrapped flat blade screw driver. It is able to be lifted up high enough after it is released to unplug it from it's wiring harness.


When removing the trim itself make sure all of the clips are out and hold it from the bottom rear corner and lift it up and over the lip of the inner door and slide it forward toward the front of the door.

Once off your left with this:


Hopefully this helps some of you guys out that have any doubts about pulling your trims off safely!

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