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Rear disc conversion on EL44 Paseo

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I got lucky at the wreckers

I found a 1992 EL44 Paseo with rear disc brake

Setup. Think it may have been an alpha, it had cruise

Control also. But didn't have alpha sticker on the boot lid.

Think had power windows too for memory.

Anyway I took the whole rear axle brakes and all and

Handbrake cable even though looks like the discs would

Bolt onto where the drums where. Grabbed it just in case

Different. Looking on the net the rear disc setup looks

Same as a EP82 and EP91.


The discs were bit low- so got new rotors was a listing

For them.


I'm also goin to overhaul calipers. Caliper

Seal kits are available. got some of them

and some new pads cos the ones in there were worn funny


But when I removed the piston

I damaged it. I've run into trouble as no one has a listing

For that. Tried lots of brake places even taken in as a sample no


Just wondering if anyone knows if they use these pistons

In any other toyotas? So can try the wreckers before

Going for Toyota genuine. That's be a pain in the wallet

If even available :(

I will post pics ASAP of the brake setup. Looked stock

And didn't look moded. So guess few EL44s came

With discs on the rear. And also brake places had listings

For the rotors and calipers seal kits.

Anyone also know of anyone in adelaide who can

Put slots in normal discs. Wanna slot them to match

The fronts I got slotted.

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So been awhile since my first post on this one.

Finally decided to install this rear axle with disc brakes on my car during the Xmas New Years break. As car is a daily and haven't had time.

Me and dad decided to smash it and get it done. After lots of work. Always takes longer than you think sigh ( holidays now almost over haha)

Repainted rear axle

New wheel bearings

Overhauled calipers with new seals and new Pistons etc

Cleaned and painted callipers

After lots of swearing and sunburn the rear axle is in car

Installed it last night.

Weird thing is the hand brake wasn't engaging in Lhs.

So left it over night tried it today now working. Mysteriously

But Lhs is brakes are dragging when driving

And when turn hard right like when going around a round about get a clicking noise from

Lhs rear brakes. I'm guessing wheel bearing isn't tight enough. Or is it too tight? Car is driving me insane.

Just seeing what you guys reckon


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cheers for info

yeah I cleaned and regreased 

slide pins when overhauled calipers. 

Loosened the handbrake as much as could 

helped but Lhs was still rubbing when turn hard right.

i got fed up with it took to brake place they had to put shims in to space it out as the Lhs caliper was too close to disc also there are supposed to have inner and outer clips for pads mine were all outers so they had to mod them. Because they were scraping too. That's why sounded like bearing when clip hit slots in disc

seems someone effed around it before I got it from wreckers. Sigh

But seems ok now. But what Ive gained in braking I've prob gained more weight haha. Time for engine conversion haha





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photo dump from conversion

























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