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Wheel help...


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Help needed.

Ive got myself an '09 toyota hilux single cab.

Im looking to put some black rims on it and have struggled to find something that is load rated.

Now, im only looking at load rated as ive been told i need to, so as to not void my current insurance policy. Is this the whole truth?

Can i get any rim i like and just specify this on my next insurance issued?

Or is a load rated wheel the only legal wheel i can have on my ute?

thanks in advance...

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You dont say if its 4wd or 2wd.

You can put any wheels you want to put on, as no ones going to say anything,the only one whos going to have their way is the insurance company when they decline your payout or claim as you have non complient wheels and tyres and didnt declare them on your vehicle modification sector.

Why is everyone hell bent on putting bloody black wheels on.

To save yourself a sh*t load of money wether its 4wd or 2wd just put a set of black powdercoated steel sunraysia wheels on.They come in a multitude of sizes/widths and they are Load rated.

If its 2wd, wheels off a Ford Territory satisfy the Load Requirement and are 17".Good variety of alloys floating around for them also

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