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engine conversion for 93' hilux

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hi, I'm doing up a 1993 YN85r 1.8litre toyota hilux for my HSC auto motives project, i was wondering what engine transfers i could do...

i was wondering if i could put a supra 2JZ-GE engine into it, and what extras i need.

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Depends on budget, time and skill. More than likely it will fit without too much trouble but it is the ancillaries that will take the most time/money(Engine mounts, ECU, wiring, cooling system, etc.).

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i can get an engine from a friend for $400 in good nic, i know him well. i was hoping if i could just do an engine swap? i have 30 weeks to do it, but there are other areas of the car i am working on.

my budget is around $700 including the engine

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what components do i need if i get the engine? radiator? gearbox?

engine ancillaries (ps pump, alternator, air con compressor, etc), wiring loom, ECU, flywheel, clutch, gearbox, radiator, custom engine mounts, exhaust system, etc, etc

Engine conversions are NOT a cheap and easy process.

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