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Jump Starting Aurion ATX

The Mad Doc

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I have been away for nearly 3 weeks and I just found out this morning that my car wont start. The remote control doesnt unlock the car so I am pretty sure its the battery that needs to be recharged.

I am going to ask my neighbour later today to jump start it, just wanted to check if there is something that I need to be careful with when jump starting it or if there is something that I should know.

Thanks :)

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Have the cables with the protectors on them to prevent damage.

Isn't it negative first then positive

Nup, positive is first on, last off, helps prevent sparks/shorts (since cars are essentially floating grounds)

Proper procedure is as follows:

1) Make sure ignition keys of both cars are set to OFF

2) Attach first positive clamp to + terminal of healthy battery

3) Attach second positive clamp to + terminal of dead battery

4) Attach first negative clamp to - terminal of healthy battery

5) Attach second negative clamp to a solid earthing point of dead car (engine lifting hook is a good place)

6) Start healthy car, run at high idle or slight throttle (to stop car bogging down when jumping)

7) Start dead car (if it doesn't start straight away, let it sit for 5 minutes to get a little bit of extra charge into the dead battery)

8) Disconnect cables in reverse order (dead negative, healthy negative, dead positive, healthy positive)

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Connect positive first to batteries then connect negative to battery of jumper car and negative to a solid unpainted metallic point of the discharged car ( they suggest the strut mount ), this is from the owners manual

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One more question please, if I was jump starting the car using a charger with a start function on it. Do I connect the +ve lead to +ve battery terminal and -ve lead to -ve terminal or do I connect the negative to the strut mount?


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