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Check Engine Light and VSC coming on


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Hi Guys

I have a 2004 Kluger CVX which has now done 260,000K virtually without a problem. The only thing that bugs me (started at 100,000K) ( so I have put up with it for 150,000K), is the above. I have studied this problem over the years and have ascertained that the Check Engine Light and therefore V.S.C light only comes on in the following circumstances: Warm engine ; stop for one hour ; restart engine - Bingo! on she comes. But not every time! Solution: Ignore it until engine is cold, drive it for a few minutes when cold, stop and take key out, restart : Bingo! no lights

As I understand it, the check engine light automatically triggers VSC light which means there is no V.S.C. Dealer cannot tell me what the implications of no V.S.C are but I am assuming - No traction control : No E.B.D : No A.S.B and ???

Dealer checked it out and came back with following solution: Found 2 code : Need to replace oxygen sensor for a/f sensor bank 2 sensor1.

I am an aged pensioner and do not even know what an O2 sensor does. I do know that it costs $100's to replace which I cannot afford.


Is the cost in the part or labour?

Would a sensor from wreckers reduce cost significantly?

Is there any other alternative?

Thanks in anticipation for any advice.

Love the car - best I have ever owned and I have had a variety during my lifetime.



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An O2 sensor measures the mixture of oxygen coming out of the exhaust via a hole in the manifold to let the computer know how to control air fuel mixture (or slightly down from the heads in the exhuast).

O2 sensors have been known to be expensive and so has toyota labour.

Stay clear of S/H units as your cant test if they are good or not unless they are in the car.

Might be worth getting a qoute from another reputable mechanic but your toyota dealer can clear the error code

Hope ive been of some help

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