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  1. Tensioner, Alternator and Water pump all in one ;) Things that squeak must be fixed!!
  2. Certainly not inappropriate.... One of the reasons of a forum is for help with issues... If i was you i would be straight into your local dealer and tell them to get it sorted....
  3. Turn the car off.... put the sd card in and switch on again... If that doesn't fix it press the initialize button (you will have to reset your stations) [in settings]
  4. Arvo evening cruise.... I'll find a meet point...
  5. I reckon we make a Saturday afternoon meet then a cruise to food depending on numbers..... Say Saturday 8th of June... If people can give me rough idea of numbers and availability ill start knocking together a meet and a map....

    prado shudders

    Could be dirty fuel / sediment... run some injector cleaner through the whole lot
  7. 6 or half a dozen..... wouldnt be enough to notice... best bet would be a chip-it
  8. Hi Jarred, Thats a tough one... in not sure whether the hassle of changing the steering rack and adding a power steering pump would be cost effective... Best bet if you were to pursue this would be to find a later model hilux with the same engine and power steering and swap it all over but it certainly isnt something i would even attempt.... (and ive attempted some stupid things even making a mazda mx6 turbo all wheel drive)
  9. Check your uni joints and diff.... if its not clunking under load it doesn't sound like the gearbox... Toyota diffs are known to be strong so i would focus my attention to the uni joints on the driveshaft
  10. An O2 sensor measures the mixture of oxygen coming out of the exhaust via a hole in the manifold to let the computer know how to control air fuel mixture (or slightly down from the heads in the exhuast). O2 sensors have been known to be expensive and so has toyota labour. Stay clear of S/H units as your cant test if they are good or not unless they are in the car. Might be worth getting a qoute from another reputable mechanic but your toyota dealer can clear the error code Hope ive been of some help
  11. Save your time and effort and see if you can get EBC Green Stuff....
  12. STLTHZR6

    prado shudders

    Petrol or Diesel? Also im pretty sure shocks have pressed in bushes.... may be worth replacing the whole shock if it has been around long enough for the bush to cark it
  13. STLTHZR6

    Hilux aerial

    If you can remove the guard it would be easier... then head down to supercheap or similar auto shop and find an Aerial that fits your budget and size/strength requirements and hey presto fixed.... I would go for a short rubber aerial.....
  14. Airflow meter? or O2 sensor?