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  1. oi rebz, come over to perth and let me have a spin man!!
  2. love the deep tone of a 6cyl turbo, sounds sooo good
  3. been a while since i posted got a set of twin tips and then custom fitted an extra brake light in the bottom part of the bumper
  4. just gotta make sure its all safe and then maybe u can crank up the boost :) black intercooler+water spray to make it more efficient etc, the lil things that matter :)
  5. car was sold last yr, the leather seats was sold with the car.
  6. think its about the same height tbh, notice that the fog lights sit at the same height on the trd and theres not much bumper from the foglight down. also take into consideration the standard trd has lower springs than your regular aurion, not much, only a few centimetres lower.
  7. hey guys just a heads up theres a perth meet up sunday 5th of oct https://www.facebook.com/events/769738999727146/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  8. wow....that **** cray..... :/ i hope this doesnt apply to all states anytime soon.
  9. well on the can its called colourshift, but i dunno what the actual technical name is. thanks whitezr6 :)
  10. its been a while since i've posted. but yeh i sold the ol' 7.5" wide rims, found a set of v35 skyline rims for $250, 8.0 +30 all around. custom paint job done in the back yard the pictures of the wheels were taken with the same camera, same postion, same settings, just different angle of light. different angles of light will result in a different colour :) also heres my collection of knobs ;) if you know what i mean :P
  11. kings springs do a good drop, i believe pedders springs drop about the same too, except the springs are a little softer than the kings, so you would get a much better ride quality. also the pedders sit a lil higher in the rear.
  12. yeh kings lower the front about 4 and the rear about 5. this ride on springs is pretty stupid tho, theres pretty much no dampening at all. yeh with coils u can dump it to the ground if you like. i've got like another 15cms of thread on the coils left and i'm already 7-8cmc off the ground
  13. what brand coilovers were you looking at? think some brands have a certain amount of teeth on the coil, only allowing them to lower to a certain amount.
  14. hahaha i think everyone likes the sexy ones you currently have on the car more, so its hard to buy these
  15. wow......looks pre good aye, black roof and ur set hey, keeping it simple :)

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