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Programming a new transponder key (Toyota Echo 2001)


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I recently got a 2001 Echo which only came with one key. I got a new key + transponder chip from http://www.carkeyhelp.co.uk/products/Toyota-Echo-transponder-key-TOY41RAT.html

I've seen many online tutorials for programming new keys for various car models, so I thought it would be simple to get one for my Echo too. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case -- it looks like Toyota changes onboard programming procedures regularly, and the ones I found don't work on my car.

Does anyone know how I can program my new key?


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Do you have a master key to program in the new key? if the working key you have is original is it a black (master) or gray( Valet) key?

Other way to know is sit in the car and look for the security light, when the key is inserted in the ignition does the light go out straight away or stay on for a second?

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Hi mr2,

Yes I have a black master key with the Toyota logo on it. When I insert it into the ignition, the security light stops blinking immediately.

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Sit in the car with the doors closed, security light should be blinking.

Insert master key into the ignition

press and release accelerator peddle 5 times

press and release brake 6 times then remove master key

insert key to be registered

press and release accelerator peddle once ( security light starts blinking)

after 60 seconds security light will stop

remove key and press and release brake

job done.

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