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VSC warning/faulty injectors. Code P2195.


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Had the VSC warning light on our TRD awhile back so had it checked out at our local dealer. Seems the injectors require cleaning, $60 odd for parts and $1000 for labour. Or $280 each for new injectors.

At 36,000 odd km's seems the main reason would be lack of use, sometimes sitting for up to a month, my fault completely. I work away for extended periods.

Not disputing the fact they need done, just wondering if anyone else has had a problem?

Was told by the dealer to run a couple of tanks with injector clean, may fix, may not? Have never used aditives before, perhaps I should have? Performance is the same and seems to be running as normal, bloody great!

Your thoughts?

Cheers Timbo.

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NP Timbo, no I've never had any probs with injectors and prob put a bottle thru every 3 months not just as a precaution but to keep em in good working order and lines clean of any moisture, but I would try it first, bit cheaper then replacing OR having them bench cleaned, try it a few times each time on a 1/4 tank

You can even try 1 ltr of Methylated Spirits in a full tank first..........Metho will also clean the injectors and remove any moisture in lines the same as Interject but not as good, but might just do the trick and not expensive ^_^

I buy it from National Capital Motors [i think Mazda dealership?], there the lic dealers for Interject here in Canberra for approx $8 a bottle

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That VSC warning is a generic one that can mean a whole range of issues. It just gets you to come in and get Toyota to sort out what the real problem is. My last time was due to faulty wiring for one of the fog lights.

Seems a bit drastic for the car to switch off stability control with that message, but it gets you back to Toyota quick smart I suppose...

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