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  1. I'm just interested, what was it worth in AUD? If it was indeed without shipping?
  2. Yeah there's only Super Lows for Kings. On Kings, no issues what-so-ever with the stock (17") wheels rubbing so no rolling or flaring. Can't find any photos of mine but surely someone on here has shots of an aurion with King springs on stockies (17") and on 19". On 17s, rear tire was tucked in just a bit and front was maybe an inch of gap. I only had the issues with Kings and 19" as the rears are 9.5" wide on a stupid offset. Looked mint but a shredded tire not so much. Since yours are only 8", I can't see it scrubbing on anything unless your offset pushes it way out to the guards.
  3. Yeah I used to have the King springs, nice ride still and not a pain in the a** to drive around. On the stock wheels it was a nice drop with no issues, but once I went with 19x9.5 rears it started scrubbing like a b*tch. I now have coilovers and dropped a fair bit lower. Body currently sits about 70mm off the ground. I have 19x8.5 on the front which only scrubs on larger bumps. The rear at 19x9.5 also scrubs on big bumps, even with no-one in the back. Passengers in the back = LOTS more scrubbing. I also have silly offsets on the wheels which push the wheels right out to the outer edges of the guards but yours look fine in the pics. That is with all 4 wheel arches/guards rolled, and the rears flared out too. Tires are also stretched a bit. You MAY need to get your guards rolled but that's relatively cheap and easy, see how you go. Problems: stupidly low for a daily, some speedbumps are simply not gonna happen, driveways unless almost flat = forget it, front bumper is a lot lower than car park curbs = know the length of your car lol. BUT, on the King springs didn't really have any of those issues.
  4. What are you going to lower it with? Springs or coilovers? Coilovers at least allow adjustment of height but obviously a couple more $. Given that you've gone for 19x8 I don't think you'll run into many (if any) issues at that height. Mine is lower and sitting on wider wheels so sometimes scrubs a bit on the wheel (plastic) arches. Risks? entry/exit angles of driveways, speedbumps, the boys in blue etc... Not sure what your rules in QLD are but in VIC the lowest part of the car has to be above 100mm. I don't know what dropping the car 50mm will reduce the height to.
  5. I'm sure that's what the police would be most worried about... Lol. Well as far as things in that pic that I would be likely to do, that was about it... ;)
  6. And such a good chop it was too! I do quite like the yellow headlights, not sure the po-po would agree though...
  7. Yeah get it checked for sure. If it's under warranty, no point you screwing around with it.
  8. Hey Jeff, do you have a link or other info for winterfest? Think it's on this sunday yeah? Might see if we can make it down for a bit.
  9. I would say next up look at how the car handles. Sway bar and front strut bar will take some of that body roll out. Coilovers will take it further (and lower...)
  10. Nah, I meant ZR6 pre and post-facelift both having the option. Hey maybe OP can buy my car if I sell up, undecided...
  11. I thought the rear window blind was an option on both models?
  12. I'd love the front lip for something different but too much work to modify the current bar to fit it :(
  13. Passenger not wearing seatbelt warning came in, not too exciting but it improved the ANCAP safety rating. New headunit comes with AUX in which may sway your choice.