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Unmasked, Clear images of the NEW CAMRY


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hmm i dont mind the interior im all for confort hehe

but i personally dont think it looks very sporty

when i look for a car sporty looks is a MUST for me

look like Mazda3 + Yaris + Accord.....

G5.5 is better :lol:

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This is probably the top spec one, seeing as it has satnav and woodgrain, so probably the Azura/Grande replacement. Then just strip off the good bits, put in some cloth seats and some aircon dials, and you've got the altise. Hopefully Toyota will have a body kit as standard on some models :)

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If the dimensions are right then it is good to see that it is lower, but longer? Just makes them harder to park!

I would suggest that that shown is the Azura, and the interior is very similar to my current model, just dollied up a little.

I think that I agree with the previous comment that that is the Asian variant. Our local model always seems to be just a little more conservative than the Asian example in Toyota products.

Let's face it, the Toyota product here in Australia is normally bullet-proof, but oh so bland in a lot of respects!

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