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Will 2.4LTE Turbo,Manifold and Fuel pump fit 2.8 non turbo?


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I have a 1986 single cab Hilux 4x4. I have fitted a 2.8 motor but it has less go than the old 2.4. It will reach 100 on a good day but usually flat at about 90/95.

I have found a cheap set of the above turbo bits from a 4runner. Can anyone tell me if they will all fit? I don't care if the pump won't fit but it would be good if it will.

I anm fairly sure the manifold will bolt straight on. Any helpful hints?


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Caution on several things.

1. 2L motors have 2L heads 2L-T [factory fitted] motors have 3L heads----the exhaust manifolds are not interchangable.

2 Caution will be demanded on running a 3L with Turbo--it will be running closer to the heat absorbtion capacity of the head, and overheating the bigger motors with a turbo is even more common. 2L motors are already have poor thermal safety margins. Drive too hard, and they wil cook. Typ head life is 250,000km to failure from cooling system fail. Turbo just makes it worse. Alloy head not available for 2, 3 or 5L motor, which would improve things a lot.

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you really only have 2 motors to use-if you need torque a low revs, or max poer up top, you need the 5L(e if you want, I don't)

If a 2L with turbo has sufficient low speed torque, and top end power, then it will be more economical to run than a 5L, fuelwise IFF you're using higher engine speeds & the turbo is working , say >=5LBS/sqin boost most of the time. It MUST have a boost compensator to work well, and a thermal overspeeder to cool a hot, idling motor. Turbo timer is mandatory.

A 2LT not as economical because of lower compression.

A 3L is not a useful motor, IMO.

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Thanks for the info Manxman.

The 2.8(3L) had a new head fitted about 20,000 kms ago so hopefully it will be ok. I should only need low boost as I have sufficient low power now. I am wanting just a bit more top end so I can sit closer to the 100k speed limit.

Being a 3L the manifold should fit ok.

Can I use the boost compensator from the 2.4LTE pump? or even the whole pump?

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2LTe pump? doubt it. you will need a 2L boost compensator on the 3L mech pump if your using a turbo. I'm informed that the pumps have same bodies and internals, but are adjusted differently for fuel throughput. If you try to convert your 3l to a "3LTe", then you may find the task too difficult. There are sensors that you won't have, and may have a hard time installing them correctly. I much prefer mech systems as they fail more slowly and predicatably than the e-systems. The cost of rebuilding a mech pump is high, but it can be scheduled and planned for and u can DIY in a remote area, whereas e-systems have unpredictable service lives & are unfixable to most end users. e-parts have fearfull diagnosis and replacement costs, and service knowledge/ability is rare outside capital cities. Towing to capital/major city is still not unheard of to effect repairs. Turbos for these motors are only 7lbs/sqin utput/wastegated at 10.4lbs/sqin. That's not an high boost. I warn again that the turbo needs >2500rpm motor speed AND a significant load on the motor to be of practical use. ATM the only boost I get is just before changing up from 3rd gear, @ abt 2500rpm with my foot down. I get abt 4-5 lbs. Once in 4th/5th gear, I get 1-1.5 lbs @ 70 kph with an empty vehicle. In other words-it's not being used, unless I hit a big hill. I don't push my old motor more than that, so it's the limit of my experience/knowledge. NB: you MAY need to adjust your header pipe height?

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