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75,000 km service


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Hi guys, recently brought my car about a month and a bit, however it'll be due for a service, I'm just wondering how much would I be looking at that's a fair price? It needs to go back to Brighton Nissan or south melbourne Toyota as it was part of an extended used car warranty, any inputs is greatly appreciated, thanks

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Hi mate, condition wise, I would say ok, I wasn't sure if it was a standard service or a major service, car was ex rental

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Oooh Ex-Rental... That can mean anything - it could have been thrashed or could have looked after depending whether it was a long term rental or short term... Lots of things come into play as far as condition but if its covered by the warranty i doubt it should cost much...

Where did you buy the car?

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Warranty wise, it has passed the new car warranty so no capped price servicing , but I have 3 month used car coverage, with an additional 2 years with Brighton Nissan, however in such case I can claim a max of $1000 per year, just thought I should ask before bringing it in

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Yes, original manufacturer warranty is transferrable across used cars (it's third party and such that usually aren't). To be honest, you'd probably save more money servicing at an independent/another dealer instead of gambling a $1k reserve for warranty work servicing at Nissan.

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