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Bluetooth Pairing

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Hi everyone. Hoping to get some help on this one. I recently bought a 2013 Corolla Ascent Sport with the optional sat nav system. I'm having problems with my motorolla android phone pairing with the system via blue tooth. Connection is not a problem, but every time I get in the car the phone beeps and a "pair request" appears on my phone. If I push ok, it works perfectly, if I dont push ok, it wont connect. When the sales guy was showing me the system he said that android phones have a problem connecting to the cars radio. Has anyone found a way to make the android phones pair automatically with the car? Would be great if it connected automatically like i know the iphones do.


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Hey scat,

Ive got a 2013 camry atara and its paired with my samsung s3 4g. I looked at my bluetooth settings in my phone just now and the pairing is saved in there. I assume your phone always has the bluetooth function active? Youve also gone into the car touch screen menu and saved your phone into the cars memory right?

I dont have any issues.

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Thanks. I've saved the phone into the cars memory and ticked the don't ask again box on my phone. I've even done a factory reset on my phone and started the process again. Looks like it must be an issue with the software on my phone. Hopefully it gets an update and that fixes it. Its not the cars unit because when the sales guy showed me, he paired his iphone and it worked automatically.

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Hi Newbie. Maybe not very much help for your issue, but I've seen many postings on various sites re auto bluetooth pairing and it seems to be a widespread problem. In my case my 2011 Aurion will pair OK with my Huawei Ascent Y300 mobile but no way can I get any audio, so it's useless.

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