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Dean Evans lap of Bathurst

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it's like he's in a different world or something. so much faster than the rest. the downhill section looked fun.

funny it doesn't sound like a 2zz. doesn't seem to sound like it revs high enough. prolly just me.

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it's not you. i found it a little strange that it wasn't revvy enough so i just checked the lotus racing website.

the elise (Class B ) that Evans was driving is using a K series motor. I think that's the rover engine?

The exige (Class A) is using the 2zz.


It's not trick photography either (http://www.lotuschampionship.com.au/sites/...#092;~Pg188.asp)

It was a similar start for Dean Evans in Class B who started 14th and had made it to the front of the field by the time he reached Conrod Straight for the first time, by the end of the race Evans had been caught by the faster Exiges and finished in a strong 11th place, first in Class B.
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if you listen to the cars coming off mountain straight you car hear the other cars around him in lift... that was what I was referring too... my post does say lotuses ;)

listen carefully :)

that short stretch between mountain straight and the hairpin before they go over the top of the mountain is the bit I am talking about... it sounds awesome :D

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