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Strange Noise! HELP

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I own a 2001 Toyota Corolla Runx which is the Japanese equivalent of the Australian Toyota Sportivo and I have a "squeaking" noise which sounds like if it is coming from the front of the car.

If I am in 1st gear and I just lightly accelerateand quickly take my foot off of the accelerator, that is when I hear it. I can hear it sometimes in other gears as well if I do the same thing.

It only happens under these conditions and otherwise than that the car drives perfect. My only mondifications are as follows:

1) K & N Typhoon Short-Ram Intake System

2) TRD Front Strut Brace

Did anyone else have similar problems or even have the same problem as I? Can anyone out there give me any possible ideas as to what might be causing this problem?

Thanks in advance

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it could be your engine mounts, your saying it only does it when the motor jumps (as in quick acceleration and sudden deceleration)

my mate had asimilar problem in his commodore does the car seem to jump or shake a little aswell with the motor (could feel like your shocks are out but its actually your engine makin the car bounce)

just a posability otherwise if its not that i havent go any other suggestions

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Mine does a similar thing, it also does it in neutral at a standstill, its completely random when it happens and it sounds like someone saying "Whoop" in a rather high voice. At first my Fiance and I thought it was cute and Sammy (my Sportivo) was talking to us but its happening more and more often now, we are starting to get a little concerned.

I used to think it was the Engine mounts because it seemed to be when I changed gear and stuff but like I said, now its also in neutral, clutch on or clutch off there seems to be no link to anything I do from the drivers seat.

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