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2008 Diesal Hilux Radiator fluid on pulleys


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Gday, I have a 2008 SR5 Turbo Diesel Dual Cab Hilux. I recently installed driving lights and I noticed some radiator fluid on the engine pulleys, it looks as though the water pump is leaking but I can't see a lot because its in the engine. Is it a major job to repair? Or should I take it to a Toyota dealership

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If it's like mine, you'll need a puller to get the front pulley off--abt $60- for a doves' foot type, and 2 bolts at least 70x8mmx (1.25mm pitch?) a few good tools and a few hours to do it. I would also replace the cam belt at this time, unless you KNOW it's new. belt Rollers ditto. It's not worth doing all that work and only half doing it. Plenty of online how to's. A dealer will prob cost $6-$800-possibly more. As long as the new belt is made by Gates or A..... it won't matter where you buy it. Chinese pumps seem to be ok, but may have slightly shorter life spans. Make sure you get the right one!!!!! Do not drive on falling coolant levels-head/motor replacement is just too expensive to risk it! keep us posted, ask for help as needed.

get an engine/car repair CD from ebay. USE it!!

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Hi Manxman thanks for replying! I have a puller for the job. I am an apprentice outdoor power equipment mechanic what tools I don't have I can borrow from work. I was looking at manuals I found this one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171284584890 this seems to have all the chapters I require and its the cheapest :D

I was thinking of buying the water pump from Toyota I haven't been quoted a price yet but we will see. Belts, Pulleys etc. I can get from suppliers through work.

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Hah yeah I haven't bothered calling them. I found someone who claims to be selling genuine parts and after further research it checks out. If any one has had any luck with the seller let me know.


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