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Removing bad smells


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Hi all,

Some little punk b4st4rd threw eggs at my car yesterday, and yes I've cleaned it all out / off.

Some of the egg splattered inside my car as one of the windows was partially open - I've cleaned it all out but have a bad smell still in the car...smells like bad eggs - and I can only guess it's just going to get worse :(

any suggestions short of pulling the trim out and steam cleaning?

Cheers people...

BTW... if anyone ever wants a hand to tie punk kids up to the back of your car after / during / before they;ve egged it let me know .... happy to assist and drive them along at 100kph

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Obviously u have used heaps of soap and water ???!!!!! Maybe try using an ODOUR NUETRALISER u can get one in a spray it's from

GLADE the brand.....You can buy it from COLES....etc

I use it instead of a air freshner i dont like a constant strong fragrance in the car all the time it also worked really well when my dog threw up on the back seat!!!!LOL :lol: :D

But on the torture note....I'LL be in!!! I hate little kids!!!(probably why i have a dog!!!LOL) Evil bastards but wat say we tie their parents to the back of the car as well!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ :lol: :D

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Fabreeze is OK if you like the smell. Tried it in the Camry when son chucked up and it did not really work. Covered it up for a while.

Eventually went to a commercial cleaner supplier who sold me some odor remover (can't remember the name) which was 10 times better then Fabreeze.

PS If you want to make your own

Fake Febreeze:

2 C. fabric softener

2 C. baking soda

4 C. warm water

Mix and pour into a spray bottle. Use as you would any store bought fabric refresher. You can use unscented fabric softener and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil as well.

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