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Service Predicament Toyota Aurion Touring SE


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Hey All

I just bought a second hand Toyota Aurion SE 2008 model which has done 28518 km.

I need to take the car in for a service but I'm not sure which service to do as the car has been regularly serviced at 6 month intervals and very low mileage between services.

I have spoken to the dealership where the vehicle has been for it's services, and they have advised that it has been having standard 10 000 km services every 6 months.

I would appreciate some advice on which type of service I should be performing.


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You should've got a service book, in which all those services were registered and signed.

Have a proper look at it first.

If you didn't get the book, you can go to the service centre, where it was serviced, and ask them to show you duplicates of the service slips (which they are supposed to tear off and keep). They also transfer the data to the computer for headquarters to keep records.

Their response will show you, whether it's worthwhile sticking with them.

You could also go back to the seller (if possible) and ask him, whether he's still got the service book.

The booklet will tell you, what service is done at what point.

Btw, the Aurions "standard" service interval is 15000 km or 9 months, whatever comes first.

If the car was indeed serviced at the claimed 10000km intervals, the owner would've been keen to show and pass on the service book, I would've thought.

Maybe you just missed it. Have a look at the silver manual/service booklet folder.

A service every 6 months since 2008 would mean at least 10 services. That would've been mostly just oil changes.

You may want to enquire, whether the aircon filter was ever changed for example.

Do you feel a slight knock in the steering, when you go over dips slowly? Check out the intermediate shaft problems of Aurions (google or search here).

Check your oil colour on your dip stick: Is it clean, like new?

How do your brakes feel ? Spongy or tight ?


If all is indeed 1A perfect and you trust the service centre, then you can leave it to them.

The next bigger service is at 75000 km (not too much bigger). It's the 90000 km, which is the heavy one.

Good luck and welcome to the club !

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Thanks for the very informative and detailed info.

I do have the service book and it was indeed serviced every 10000 km.

My dilemma was actually whether to go for a big service and do the timing belt (due to the age of the car being 6 years old) or just a standard check and oil change/oil filter change.

I have since taken the car to the Toyota service dealers and they were indeed really helpful and advised that the standard service would suffice for this maintenance.

Thanks again for the excellent advice and the great welcome


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Won't have to worry about the timing belt, as there is none. Uses a timing chain.

With such insanely low kilometres, I'd go with what Toyota said and just keep up the standard services. Timewise, might want to get someone to check the aircon gas, but that's all I'd bother with outside the norm.

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