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Sturgeys JZS171


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Bought this car last July through j-spec imports, after missing out on 2 or 3 we scored this one for well under budget.
Car arrived in Australia around the 27th of September.
Compliance is usually 2 weeks but due to the amount of crowns coming in they ran out of plates for these for 2014. 4 months passed and it finally got its plates on the 27th of January!. Was regoed that week and have been driving it daily ever since haha.

so a run down on the car when i got it:

1JZ-GTE 2.5L Straight Six turbo

A340E 4Speed Auto

Touchscreen Jap satnav / cd stacker

Black Cloth interior


Athlete Premium 17 x 7 and 17 x 7.5 alloy wheels

Final Konnexion Coilovers

Mods so far:
HKS Air Filter

Bosch IK20 Spark Plugs

Eagle Leads

Clazzio ECT-R Premium Leather seat covers in black

Junction Produce Scaras 19 x 9.5 +23 and 19 x 10.5 +29

Fuel filter etc.

New Radiator

Mods to be installed:
Airrex Air struts
Accuair E-Level setup with touchpad
2x Hoosier 3Gal tanks
Viair 444cc Twin pack Compressors
Moonface Front Upper arms with shortened balljoint for maximum lows
Ikeya Formula Rear adjustable LCA's

TRD Castor Arm Bushes

To buy:
New tie rods/tie rod ends

New Wheel Bearings all round

Tablet to install into the dash

Tomei Dump Pipe


Trust Intercooler

Auto Shift kit

Full Auto Service

Diff Bushes/Fluids

150k Major Service Kit (just to be safe)
New Balljoints

At the docks:

Stored it at home while waiting for compliance:
Day of Rego:

Wheel Test fit:

Goodies to be installed:
As it sits now:

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