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Clutch burnout


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Good morning all,

This morning I was going to do the trip that I was waiting for... However after 50km my gears weren't responding: burning smell and impossible to move (changing the speed gear was doing nothing) so towing etc etc

I m not a mechanic expert but I would like to know if it's easy to do?

if not I will need to go to one next Tuesday: what should I be careful at, what s the price average?

Thanks a lot for reading it and your advices.


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well it sounds like you have killed the clutch. your best avenue if you do not own a hoist and the correct tools will be to ring a couple of garages and get quotes .

the gear box needs to be removed and the flywheel machined you should have the rear main oilseal replaced at the same time the gearbox is really bloody heavy

obtain a manual and it will help you if you wish to undertake the job

rough pricing clutch kits start around $350 can get upto 600 easily depending on brand and type

flywheel regrind about $60

and labour around 6 hours at 100 an hour $600

as i said this is a rough guide

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