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1999 HILUX suspension question


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Hi guys, I just have a quick question.. Probably a silly one however I've been told different things by different people.

I'm looking at replacing the shock absorbers in my car as it's completely stock an they're starting to sag quite bad.

It is the same price if not little cheaper to get 2" lifted shock absorbers rather them standard so I would like to know if i bought the 2" lifted shock absorbers would i need to replace the torsion bar at the front end for the steering or would it be okay?? Or adjusted at all??

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Shock absorbers DONT make a car sag to one side.It is the springs(coil or Leaf ) or in your case Torsion bars that control the height.

Do you know you can alter the height with Torsion Bar by winding them up/ down.

Putting shocks in 2" longer is a no-no with std height suspension as all they are going to do is bottom out a lot sooner

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Good answer, wish I'd been quicker, but well done.


car heights must be evenly adjusted all round, apparently. IE raise front 2", MUST raise rear 2" etc.

Ditto left and right, with car square on flat ground. Sagged suspension NEEDS fixing, as its a safety hazzard-weak springs etc. your torsion bar may need replacing, consult trained suspension persons. Also check rear heights to make sure car not have history of heavy loading. May have to replace all round? If so, beware bent/stressed chassis. They're only rated to 1T load, but some people ignore that. They're only "unbreakable" within normal loads, outside them, nothing is indestructible.

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