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help bringing ln106 back to life


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hi guys and girls i have been giving my first hilux from my
uncle sadly he had seized the engine and had it parked up in his backyard for 4
years with the engine half in the tray so i have my hands full.

first let it be known i have never worked on a diesel before
so some of these questions may sound silly but bare with me i will break this
down into a few parts body and engine

engine wise

i have sourced another 3l is was a boosted engine so i need

to know if i need to change injectors back to a standard size and how do i
adjust the injector pump back to standard

secondly what sort of things should i check on the body due

to it sitting for so long just to get it running not concerned about brakes and
suspension just yet i have already removed the tank and cleaned it i will
replace all rubber fuel lines and all fuel filters

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After 4 yrs exposure the oem pump may have to be cleaned out or worse anyway? Not for amatuers in my book. You said 3L, not 3Le, so the injectors are prob unchanged, but a service would be a kindness. A motor rebuild kit can be bought from abt $2K-but the cheap ones tend to be incomplete. The 3L with turbo isn't necessarily wise, as if driven hard/adverse conditions they have head problems from the heat. Beware old heads, failure is normal abt 250,000km on most L series engines-usually because of cooling failure.

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