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Gary Cavanagh

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Hi Guys 

I have purchased a new 2016 rav cruiser diesel 

Really nice but on 3 ocations the brake pedal has gone to the floor and the brakes have not worked everything is good can anyone help Toyota don't realy won't to assist it feels  

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I would suggest that each time you start the engine to push the brakes down hard a few times before driving. This will not only test the brakes but hopefully help to seat/expand any seals. Toyota service should have checked under the bonnet for anything amiss with hoses around brake master cylinder etc. Keep a record with details to describe circumstances when the brake pedal has misbehaved e.g. weather conditions, how far driven etc.

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Thanks the vehicle is still with Toyota as they are changing the master cylinder which takes 4 days to come from interstate 

They must be driving it over it only takes 3 .5 HRS  to fly not much is done quickly 

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As a former Toyota High Tech this sounds like a master cylinder fault. Obviously the pedal should not go to the floor!!

Getting parts from interstate is not as simple as putting it on the next flight.

3 days is "normal" for parts to be transferred interstate.

Be patient, hopefully you get the desired outcome of having your Rav4 back in full working order.


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