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Highest kms you've seen on a 2zz-ge

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Im up too 220,000 and I can assure you it's more then likely having the hardest time with its new owner 'me', but i care for engines with regular services and up keep. I try to give them a healthy life. I just like to keep my right foot planted, I am a truckie after all , hahah. So anyone seen these get over 300k or even 400 like a 4afe or ge? Cheers.

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I've seen 290 on the Sportivos from Sydney, the 2zz Celica's that are daily'd by people who have no idea what lift is would have a stupid amount of Kms i reckon.

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That is pretty amazing when you think about. After all, there is only one significant difference between a Sportivo motor and the 1.8 motors employed in the rest of the range over the last decade. And that difference is only felt above 6,000 RPM. If you don't take it above that, you might as well not bother owning one! That's 40-something percent more power just gained through revs without sustaining a drop in torque! So given that I expect most Sportivo drivers actually drive the car - at least some of the time - as the engine designer intended - it is pretty remarkable.

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1 hour ago, SA22C-RX said:

Hahah Chain. Yeah so 290 and still running nicely ay?

Yeah man, my stepdad's stivo has 200kms on it and hasn't had any major issues what so ever. I'm thinking that one day i'd rather buy a low km engine and swap it into my sportivo then have to scrap it/sell it if one day it goes. Do love this car.

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