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Modification dreams?


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Does anyone else daydream about the mods they would love to do to their car but dont have the resources (time, money etc) to do so? I do, and here's my list. I'd love to hear yours!

2004  2AZ-FE Sportivo...

  • engine rebuild (burning oil a bit) (possibly swap for newer model engine, havent looked into it, suggestions?)
  • custom turbo install
    • small garrett turbo
    • possibly mounted below battery box, or relocate battery to that space below it and put turbo in factory battery position
    • Haltech ECU
    • fuel pump upgrade
    • injector upgrade
  • e-throttle
  • upgrade calipers and rotors front and rear
  • tail light swap for 05/06 style lights
  • fix/replace headlights and foglights (cloudy)
  • full re-spray or plastidip
  • swap interior bezels/accessories and seats with 05/06 Azura
  • change LEDs (colours and brightness) for instrument panel and accessories
  • replace factory (blown) speakers and get amp and sub

looking at this list, maybe i should get/swap the sportivo for an azura and then I wont have to mess around as much. I wont be able to do much (or any) of this as I dont have the funds to do so, but still fun to dream about.

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Where there is a will, there is away. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve it. I never used to be in a position to modify my Camry, but over the years, I have put myself in a position to do so and have achieved this.


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