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Has anyone heared of a Troopy breaking a front stub axle?


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Hi all.


I have a question. Has anyone ever heard of a Troopy breaking the front stub axle?.


By stub axle I mean the hollow tube that bolts onto the brake backing plate and which the front axle goes through and upon which the wheel bearings are fitted. The bearing are then held there by those 2 large locking nuts.


The reason that I ask this question is because over the last weekend I serviced the front wheel bearing and when I had the hub and bearings removed and the stub axle nicely cleaned up I noticed a fine, what looked like an almost microscopic hairline crack all the way around that portion of the stub axle where the inner wheel bearing is seated.


So is it a crack in the stub axle (and the loss of the right front wheel)  or is it something that can be ignored as just a characteristic for that stub axle where cast and turned?


So back to my original question, has anyone EVER heard of a Troopy breaking a front stub axle as I have not as yet heard of such a thing 

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Hi there.

Purchased a new after market spindle for my '92 Troopy and a complete gasket set for the right front axle. All up with trade discount $140 from Don Kyatt Spare Parts.

Monday I am getting the rotors skimmed and fitting new pads. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Thanks for the input.


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