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Tein S-Tech lowering springs - GSV50 V6 Camry - fit Aurion?


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Evening all,

I want to lower my Aurion slightly. I know everybody says "Buy coilovers!" but I have no interest in racing my car, I just want to lower it a little, and everything I'm reading tells me that unless I want to spend more than my car is actually worth on coilovers, it's going to feel like driving a cement mixer. Ride comfort is my number one priority but I am willing to sacrifice a small amount of ride quality for the big aesthetic improvement of a small drop which has lead me to lowering springs.

I've read a lot of people's thoughts on Tein S-Tech springs and the vast majority have said ride quality was practically identical to stock, just lower, which is exactly what I want (well no I would love greater handling with no comfort cost, but it seems like that's not possible!).

"SKQ60-AUB00" S-Tech springs fit the 50 series V6 Camry which by my understanding is (internally) almost 100% identical to the 50 series Aurion? They advertise a 1.6 / 1.4 inch front / rear drop which seems to be the sweet spot for lowering before you start needing to spend your annual wage on camber kits and garbage like that.

TL;DR if springs fit the 50 series V6 Camry will they fit the 50 series Aurion?

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