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Regulator failed cooking battery


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Today while driving my 2006 d4d from perth to Kununurra I noticed the battry and airbag lights pooping up. I pulled over to see what was going on and when I opened the bonnet my main battry was smoking/boiling. I threw my second battry in and though I'd try get to the next town 140km but about an hour in the same thing started happening once I got to the next town the second battry was all but melted!! Iv now got a bit of a Problem as there is no alternator with in 500km radius of here. I have taken the fuse out for the alternator and disconnected the power supply and purchesed two new battrys but the big question is how long will they take to drain obviously I'll have nothing else but the motor drawing power? I drove 2 hours today and the battry is still reading 12.6 v the next stretch has no reception and no close towns so if anyone can help that would be good 




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1 hour ago, Ashley1kd said:

I'm fully loaded and at $375 each for a throw away battry I sorted capped myself at 2 haha

$375 would want to get you a good battery. Are you carrying a generator? A dodgy fix could be a generator and a battery charger if you have the means.

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