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ABS not functioning?


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I've noticed that on rainy days if I press the brakes a bit harder, the wheels would lock which causes the car to drag forward along the road. 

Yesterday I checked this in dry conditions and while I was only doing 40kmph, I still feel the wheels would lock. 

I never saw an ABS warning light come on. 

How should I proceed to resolve this? BTW, I have a 2007 Aurion ATX.


Today I received a Check Engine warning and my OBDII sensor gave the P0500 error code. According to this, it could cause ABS to not function. https://www.obd-codes.com/p0500 Maybe this is the reason? 



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This URL may be of assistance. Diagram in the later post has a diagram showing the locations of the speed sensors on the transmission. 

I would be inclined to remove the sensors and clean contacts etc.

How many kms on the odometer and has the transmission been serviced with a fluid change? 


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My 2006 Aurion AT-X with about 166,000kms on the odometer was an opportunity eBay purchase. Afterwards, I did the research about the engine and transmission. I dropped the transmission pan and replaced the transmission filter and fluid [as high priority preventative maintenance task]. As forewarned, there was a fair amount of "sludge" coating the bottom of the transmission pan.

This is why I would be inclined to check the speed sensors and clean off any accumulated coating as a starting point.

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