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ZRE152r Electrical Issues


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I've had an issue with the headlight switch for a few weeks. It started with the dash lights not coming on when turning on the headlights. Discovered the rear driving lights were not working (brake lights ok) also. Switching the headlights on/off multiple times or giving the switch a few taps got the dash lights working - rear driving lights remained off. 

Pulled covers off steering column to check headlight switch for anything obvious - nothing found. Put the covers back on and drove car with headlights on. Battery light started coming on/off at 20 second intervals. Within 5 minutes of driving the power steering failed and the lights went dim - car kept running. Stopped car, tried to start again, reds came but won't start - acted like flat battery. Left it for 30 minutes and tried again, car started, lights worked. Stopped car, tried to start again, dim lights and won't start. 

Does it seem the headlight switch, battery/alternator type problems are related? Any ideas if it's the battery or alternator? Any help much appreciated! 


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Checked prior start, voltage 12+. Checked while running with lights off, high 11's, running with lights on, lower 11's. Didn't have anyone else there so couldn't check while cranking. 

My concern is the problem with the alternator started after removing the steering column covers to check the headlight switch. Is this just a coincidence or could there be something else at play? Could there be a power drain somewhere that is producing the same symptoms? 



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Voltage should be around 14V when running. It would suggest the alternator is not functioning. This may be due to a wiring issue or a faulty alternator.

You could have potentially unplugged or damage in the process. 

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